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Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

My film obstacle courses and performances are about tempting failure.  The typical workday of a film projectionist is all about avoiding failure and achieving invisibility.  If you go see a movie and become aware that there is a person called a projectionist, it is because … Read More

Art Basel On Sale

Art Basel on Sale

Art Basel on Sale was an interactive installation made up of various found and stolen objects collected in and around the 2005 Art Basel Miami Beach art fair extravaganza. In response to the impressive display of expensive art consumption I witnessed in Miami that year, … Read More

A Drill For Reimagining Wall Street

A Drill for Reimagining Wall Street

A Drill For Reimagining Wall Street was a project that was meant to be a sort of experimental parade on Wall Street, just after the financial collapse, that included possibilities for other ways to imagine an economy. The problem was that it was part of … Read More


This is the Truth and Nothing but the Truth

This project was for a show about art that was “invisible” either because of being very small, very conceptual, or needing to be activated by visitors. For the project, the Institute members circulated amongst the crowd and told lies about what our project consisted of. We … Read More

The B&O: Backyard Organizer

The B&O: Backyard Organizor

The B&O: Backyard Organizer was to have been a linear multipurpose structure for the meadow at Evergreen Museum and Library. Extending along a 400ft straight path, the height of the piece would have varied along its length, allowing it to become walkway, bridge, picnic table, … Read More



In the Fall of 2006 URBANtells was awarded a Baltimore Freefall award to produce a series of public low power radio workshops and story telling events that involved listening tours. This project was in cooperation with the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. URBANtells had … Read More

In The Middle II

In The Middle II

In The Middle II was an  attempt to bike an empty grocery cart through 28 square miles of dirt roads around the ethanol cornfields in and around Marquette NE. This project became more about falling (as in falling down & falling apart)  than biking or … Read More