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In the Fall of 2006 URBANtells was awarded a Baltimore Freefall award to produce a series of public low power radio workshops and story telling events that involved listening tours. This project was in cooperation with the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. URBANtells had installed 10 FM transmitters in and around Station North broadcasting stories from the community. I consider one of our end events connected with this project a failure. We had organized a public DJ event at the St. Paul Catholic Church on the corner of North Avenue and Maryland and had invited folks for a light breakfast followed by a listening tour. We gave away solar powered radios for the tour; however, since the church assists the homeless community through various programs, word got out that there was free food and no-battery radios at the church, which attracted many more people than we could manage—well over 100 people. By the time DJ Pierre performed his unique sets, the food and radios were gone and so was our audience. We listened to DJ Pierre for two to three hours waiting for participants to return with only four audience members consisting of friends and family.


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