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Burn Edmonton


I was invited to perform in Visualeyes, a performance festival that happens in Edmonton, Canada.  In preparation for my performance I created a newspaper.  I had the paper printed in Edmonton, I think I made 1000 copies.   For the first part of the project I handed out the newspaper to people on the streets but no one was interested.  I then
created a few related events that were not very successful.  I felt very frustrated with my project.  One afternoon I was outside smoking and my newspaper accidently caught on fire.  I watched the paper burning on the ground and it was right at that moment I knew what I needed to do for my performance in this festival.  That night after the group had visited a few performances around town I announced that I was going to do a spontaneous performance that same night in an empty parking lot near our hotel.  I went to my hotel and got all the newspapers I had made for the event.  I met up with the group and made small bon fire in the parking lot.  I then threw in all the newspapers
that I had made into the fire.  The group began to help burn the papers.  During the burn I talked about how my project was a failure and how instead of trying to continue on and struggle more with the project I had set out to do I had come to the conclusion that I needed to accept my project as a failure.  The burning of the papers became
my performance piece for the festival.