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It’s Past My Bedtime

“It’s Past My Bedtime” (http://pastmybedtime.tumblr.com) is an ongoing personal documentary project, chronicling the exact time that I go to bed every night (with limited exceptions) since April 2009.

The project began organically as part of my regular documentation of things around me, but it quickly occurred to me that it needed a space to live beyond my personal blog. I created the standalone project blog and then have more or less left it alone, save for the nightly updates.

The project is both personal and impersonal, documenting a recurring aspect of my life, but without a true context, reason, or goal. It is for this reason that I consider it to be essentially a failure.

Most failures come as a result of being unable to accomplish the desired result due to external constraints, such as a lack of necessary materials, unpredictable public interaction, unintended/unforseeable results, or other obstacles. My failure is unique in that it cannot achieve its result because, as an open-ended project, it has no clear resolution. It cannot ever accomplish its goal because I don’t know that there has ever been one… and at the same time, I don’t know if it can simply “end.”