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Obstacle Course

My film obstacle courses and performances are about tempting failure.  The typical workday of a film projectionist is all about avoiding failure and achieving invisibility.  If you go see a movie and become aware that there is a person called a projectionist, it is because something went wrong.  The whole idea of cinema is that you forget it is film and just see the story.
So my idea was to bring the projector and projectionist into the consciousness of the audience by messing with the film on purpose, continuously, while it is running.  So, the film is changing color, the sound is getting weird and the picture is constantly stopping, jumping, and stuttering.  As the film is running, in front of an audience, I’m obstructing it with tools like pens, bleach soaked sponges, brilo pads, and sandpaper, AND I’m trying to keep it going.  Trying to enact just enough obstruction to change the film, but not enough to destroy the film.  Eventually I fail.
Somehow it still kind of sucks to fail, even if you kind of meant to.