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This is the Truth and Nothing but the Truth

This project was for a show about art that was “invisible” either because of being very small, very conceptual, or needing to be activated by visitors. For the project, the Institute members circulated amongst the crowd and told lies about what our project consisted of. We said things like “The special performance will begin at 8″ or “We are slightly modifying the temperature in the room until it reaches an unbearable heat” or “Our project is hidden in the ceiling” or “Go look for our installation outside in the mailboxes”.

This lying strategy worked great during the first exhibition of this show. The curator, a year later, decided to re-stage the show across town in a new space and we did the same thing. Unfortunately, this time it was a total failure because not only did people remember the project from the previous show, but they also turned out to be all acquaintances and friends of ours. So we ended up doing a lot of art opening chit-chat and not really investing ourselves in the performance.